Signal Manager

Signal Manager is designed to collaborate and manage all CDU units that are connected to the Internet. The size of the Signal Manager Cloud is determined by the severity of the task assigned with the degree of network clustering. Smart Signal Managers can jointly to form a larger cloud -parallel computation and mutual support.


  • CDU forms Self Organized Network (SON) The ideal IoT platform
    • Provide two-way / multi-directional communication
    • An AI development platform.
  • CDU supports high-speed mobility
  • CDU extends the hotspot coverage (into hotzone)
  • CDU provides Wi-Fi connection as an interface with a variety of applications & services
  • CDU and CDU co-work together to improve transmission efficiency and network capacity

  • Reduce investment on duplication of infrastructure - base station is not too welcome by public
    • Easy to set upPlug & play
    • Part of SoMAX network is formed by subscriber relay
  • Easy to expandAdjust along the business development at any time
    • No full area coverage at Day 1
  • Does not conflict with the ISP's current operating method - flexible and can be adjusted with the market demand
  • Users do not change their current usage pattern - Wi-Fi access
  • Wi-Fi access - the closest to the user

* Signal Manager is provided to SoMAX Internet users (e.g. service providers), not end-users.

CDU 閘道器上Internet後所有的訊號皆可由Signal Manager管理,Signal manager也可分配工作給CDU協同。依網路集群的程度來決定Signal manager此朶雲的大小以及ISP賦予任務的繁重程度。通常是一台普通的工業級PC即可管理一朵大雲;許多集群的(Smart) Signal manager再形成更大的雲,平行運算,相互支援。


  1. CDU形成的自組網,是理想的Smart物聯網平台。可雙向/多向交流,可發展AI。
  2. CDU形成的自組網薄層,支援高速移動。
  3. CDU形成的自組網薄層,可延伸熱點的覆蓋(成熱區)。
  4. CDU形成的自組網薄層,提供各種進接點和Wifi連結的理想介面。
  5. CDU與CDU通力合作,提升傳輸效能和網路容量。
  1. 省去大量的基礎建設重複投資 - 增建基站不受大眾歡迎
  2. 佈建簡易,plug & play - 部份由用戶端自然形成
  3. 網路易擴容,順著商務發展隨時調整 - 不必Day 1就全覆蓋
  4. 可不更動ISP的營運模式 - Billing按市場狀況決定方式
  5. 用戶習慣不改變,只需用Wi-Fi進接 - 最貼近用戶

*Signal Manager是提供給SoMAX網路者使用(例如服務供應商),而非終端使用者