CDU-20 Interior System

CDU (Converged Data Unit), it is a intelligent device with SoMAX Inside. It is capable of two-way data transmission, data storage, as well as intelligent routing.  CDUs in the wired environment can automatically link to form a SON (self organized network), as well in a wireless environment and in a wired + wireless  integrated environment. CDU can be used to disperse the current centralized architecture of telecom operators and replace it with a distributed structure.

CDU-20 Indoor System

Provide indoor Wi-Fi coverage without dead spot

  • Suitable scenes: home; loft home; mansion; offices; commercial areas
  • Adapt to the desire coverage area - add more CDUs for full coverage
  • When new CDU enters an existing network, it automatically join the network - plug & play ; coverage extension
  • LED indicator shows the connection quality as the basis for CDU placement
  • SoMAX intelligent adaptive multi-hop mesh network capabilities
  • Self organized network - mutual assistance between devices - maintain the best network condition
  • Automatic routing, bypass interference sources, and maintain the best connection
  • Data encryption, high security

CDU-20 室內系統


  • 適合場景: 住家, 樓中樓, 透天別墅, 辦公室, 商業空間
  • 可隨覆蓋空間大小, 增加CDU, 進行全覆蓋
  • 新增CDU, 通電後自動智能聯網, 隨插即用, 覆蓋延伸
  • 燈號顯示連線品質, 作為最終CDU擺放位置依據
  • SoMAX 智能型自適應多跳mesh網路功能
  • 系統自動組網, 設備間皆互助互連, 最優化網路系統
  • 訊號自動選徑, 繞過干擾源, 保持最佳連線
  • 數據加密, 安全性高