Product description

The C-101N SoMAX extender combines performance and mobility features with simplicity in design. It is designed to meet the all the needs of business customers. Within the system coverage, it acts as a CPE device to provide wireless broadband services.

C-101N supports intelligent adaptive multi-hop mesh network. With intelligent relay extension capability, several C-101N can create a large self-organized network.

With CDU-10 outdoor system, users can enjoy higher throughput, lower cost, greater wireless coverage area with a powerful and efficient two-way communication feature.

Features introduction


  • SoMAX Inside
  • Plug and play
  • Extended coverage
  • Low transmission power
  • Detachable antenna
  • Enhance indoor penetration & outdoor coverage
  • Extend coverage through wired & wireless backhaul networks
  • Support SoMAX intelligent adaptive multi-hop mesh network capabilities - 5.8G
  • Allow ISM band interference
  • Strengthen data security
  • Automatic configuration settings / recovery
  • Firmware upgrade
  • High power


  • Residential broadband - Offers wireless broadband in residential areas that have not yet ready for ADSL or cable modem broadband service.
  • Fixed hotspots - Users connect to the C-101N using 2.4G Wi-Fi and enjoy broadband services.
  • Mobile hotspots - Provides mobile hotspot for buses, trains, and vehicles.
  • Public safety - Police, firefighters and other emergency services or early respond services can easily connect to control centers and other on-duty team members.
  • Mobile advertising - Provides real-time video streaming, such as a central control ad management system, to be delivered on LCD panels.
  • Location-base service - Provides broadband connection to the public transportation system and report the vehicle's immediate GPS coordinates.




隨著往來於設備之間強大且有效的通信 - 室外接入或中繼種子設備,集中器 (C-101G) 和用戶CPE (C-101N) - 使用者可以享受更高的吞吐量,更低的成本和更大的覆蓋範圍。

  • SoMAX Inside  
  • 隨插即用
  • 延伸覆蓋
  • 低傳輸功率
  • 可拆式天線
  • 增強室內穿透 & 室外覆蓋範圍
  • 透過有線 & 無線回程網路延伸覆蓋
  • 支援SoMAX 智能型自適應多跳mesh網路功能 - 5.8G 
  • 容許ISM頻段干擾
  • 加強數據安全
  • 自動配置設定/復原
  • 遙端韌體升級

  • 住宅區域寬頻- 經由C-101N,服務供應商可以提供固定無線寬頻至尚無一般寬頻服務如ADSL和有線電視上網之住宅區。
  • 固定熱點 - 用戶使用2.4G Wi-Fi 連接C-101C,享受寬頻服務
  • 移動熱點 - 用戶使用2.4G Wi-Fi 移動車輛內建C-101N,將公共汽車或火車改變成移動熱點。
  • 公共安全 - 警察、消防員和其他緊急服務或初期應變人員可以很容易地連接到控制中心和其他執勤小組成員。
  • 移動式平面電視廣告 – C-101N可以實現如中央控制廣告管理系統,即時傳送內部的實時視頻剪輯,或者車身廣告的電視面板。
  • 位置更新 - 提供寬頻連接至公共交通系統,以報告車輛的即時GPS座標。